Smart Diamond

A cut above the rest!


Founded in 1995, in association with Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (ZRIME), Smartdiam has completed the legendary evolution from a distributor of GE synthetic diamond grain to a top manufacturer of diamond tools!

ZRIME’s years of achievements in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, together with the advantage of its sophisticated equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, contribute to the outstanding core competency of Smartdiam, put it in a leading position in all aspects from R&D, manufacturing process and quality control.

Smartdiam’s products portfolios cover ranges of tools manufactured in various methods – sintering, silver brazing, laser welding and vacuum brazing. All strictly comply with European Norms EN13236, which is certified by MPA certification. The company has received ISO9001 certification for years.

Thanks to the deployment of automatic machines and technological improvements, the over 30,000 m2 factory is run by less than 100 employees. No matter the brand you use, rather world famous or branded with our own logo, you stand a good chance using a tool masterfully created by these well-trained hands and delivered around the world to both the skilled professionals and DIY warriors.

Yes, we are the obscure people who make the tools for you!